Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why I left PTC and other GPT sites to earn MUCH more money

I have been earning from sites like Mylot, Bukisa and Trekpay for a year now. But recently I joined another site by the name of oDesk. It is a professional site for freelancing and a place where you can earn pretty large sums of money.

I am based as an article writer but there are many other types of jobs available like programming and researching as well as designing. If you do not have these skills you can still do data entry work. It pays about $5/hour so if you work 4-5 hours a day you can easy earn pretty much in a whole month. Many people have left their day jobs and have started working full time on oDesk.

There are 5 payment options in oDesk including Paypal, Direct deposit, Wire transfer, oDesk Debit card and Moneybookers.

You can join oDesk HERE:

My proofs are available in my profile HERE:

I have earned $140 in 2 months as part time. I will go full-time as soon as my exams are over.

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