Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why I left PTC and other GPT sites to earn MUCH more money

I have been earning from sites like Mylot, Bukisa and Trekpay for a year now. But recently I joined another site by the name of oDesk. It is a professional site for freelancing and a place where you can earn pretty large sums of money.

I am based as an article writer but there are many other types of jobs available like programming and researching as well as designing. If you do not have these skills you can still do data entry work. It pays about $5/hour so if you work 4-5 hours a day you can easy earn pretty much in a whole month. Many people have left their day jobs and have started working full time on oDesk.

There are 5 payment options in oDesk including Paypal, Direct deposit, Wire transfer, oDesk Debit card and Moneybookers.

You can join oDesk HERE:

My proofs are available in my profile HERE:

I have earned $140 in 2 months as part time. I will go full-time as soon as my exams are over.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trek Pay is the BEST free PTC!

Trek Pay has brought a revolution to PTC sites like Neobux. All the other sites have limits on their free memberships like Neobux's 4 ads a day. All these sites need you to have referrals to generate decent income. I joined TrekPay a couple of months ago and I have got to its $5.50 payout already. The best part was that I had ZERO referrals. This can be proved by the screenshot below:

The advantages Trek Pay has over other PTCs:
No countdown timers
More than 20 ads per day(check back at various times)
Earning is much higher and referrals are not necessary.
A high rank gets you more money

In Trek Pay you earn credits for visiting websites and these are converted into cash every thursday. payout is $5.50 and payout takes 1 week.Trekpay can be joined HERE

Here is my payment proof: Payment deposited after 1 week just as stated in above pic.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bukisa paid me once again!

Today I received $11.83 from Bukisa and it came as a surprise as I had not visited the site since 2 weeks. That is the great thing about the site, we do not need to be active on it to earn money. You can join Bukisa HERE. Here is my payment proof:

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fix your Xpango uncreditied offers

Many of my referrals have complained that the offers the complete are not giving them credits. Here is a checklist of what you should do to avoid that happening:

* Does your Internet Browser allow Cookies & Javascript?
* Have your cleared your Cookies before completing an offer?
* Have you checked security software settings before completing an offer?
* Have you checked for any Parental Controls that may be turned on?
* Have you turned off any pop-up blockers before completing an offer?
* Have you recently ran a virus check?
* Do you keep your computer up to date with the latest Windows updates?

By the way Xpango is a site that gives you free stuff for referrals. I am 5 credits away from an iPod Touch. You can join Xpango by clicking HERE

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Get free PS3s, Xbox 360s, Wiis, iPods and lots more!

One of my friends had recently gotten a PS3. After that he got an iPod touch. I asked him how he got them and he told me about Xpango. The site gives out free stuff to people worldwide for credits which are earned when you refer others to it. The list can be seen HERE I have got several credits on the site and am 3 away from a PSP and when I get it I will post the proof here. You can join Xpango by clicking HERE. You can then complete one of the many available offers to start earning from referrals. I suggest you take an offer which costs less than 3 dollars and complete it to get started. I know the site is legit as my best friend has gotten stuff from it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bukisa just paid me!

Today I opened my Paypal account and found that Bukisa had paid me. The amount was 12 dollars and I reached this amount with just 15 articles! It is an awesome site and it is free to join and you are paid when people view your articles. The best part is that I last logged into my account in July and have not written anything since then and I am still earning on the site without any more input! Bukisa can be joined by clicking HERE. Here is my payment proof:

Signup to Bukisa, Get Paid For Publishing your Knowledge!

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IMReportCard paid me again in just 4 days!

I was superactive last week on IMReportCard and reached the 20 dollar payout in just 3 days! I was paid the next day. Here is my payment proof:

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If you see my last blog post that payment was sent on August 28 and this one was on Sept. 1 so that proves it is just a space of 4 days. You can also start earning on the site by joining HERE for free.